When I first started coding I used open source projects to help me learn and where possible I have always tried to remove bulk and dependancies and just get what was necessary for a given task. I now code regularly and it encorporates most of my work so hopefully I can give back a little with some small projects I put together, also this will be a nice place to not lose things I write in big projects.

I also like to do various other things in my free time so there will probably end up being extra sections on here for each, they will probably mostly just be for me, but if others get any use or enjoyment out of it then all the better.


If you have any suggestions to any of the projects please feel free to fill out the contact form below, or alternatively submit a pull request on Github. I will review and credit everyone where possible.



If anything here has been useful or you have used it in your own projects please give me a thanks by referencing this site, and if you want you can buy me a cup of tea.